General Conformity Certificates

To obtain the General Conformity Certificate for your product, you will need to know the name of the product and Batch #.

You can get this information from the printed poly bag that your product came packaged in.

Click the item name, then Batch # from the list below.

Your General Conformity Certificate will appear in a new window, allowing you to view and print your certificate.

If you have any questions or need assistance viewing any of these documents, please call 1-800-967-3048–Manufacturing/Testing-Certification/Third-Party-Testing/Periodic-Testing/

1-Inch Products

Beastie Buddies
Blob JY25415

Blob JY25415

Bounce Balls
Bug Snapper
D.I.Y. Superball
Creature Clings
Crystal Critters
 Day of the Dead Rings
Fossil Friends
Lucky 7 Charm Erasers
Miracle Rings
Monster Mushmellows
Mystery Capsules Red & Blue
 Nino ‘N Dip
Palm Babies
Pet Friends
Sniffy Bugs
Waxie Sticks

2-Inch Products

Bounce Balls
Bracelet Trendz
Extreme String
Fossil Friends 2″


Krazy Kittens
Mega Sticky Mix
Ninja Academy
Ninja Stars
Parachute Palz
Princess Ponies
Pure Gold / Real Pirate Treasure
Giant Pet Friends
Space Sabers


Zupper Bracelets

Novelty & Redemption