Democracy of play in a capsule

by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – August 6th, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — is taking the online world by storm with 29 million units sold and it’s just out of Beta – making the iPad sales look sluggish.
With its very simple concept, it’s hard to know why it hasn’t been done before. Think vending machine meets virtual world. Is it an affordable Webkinz® or the new Club Penguin®? In fact, it’s both – it’s a world first and for as little as 25c, every kid can afford to be part of it. It is democracy in a capsule – for parents of the global financial crisis, it’s a social equalizer.
Sqwishlanders – they are cute, they are collectible, they are fun – a craze every parent can afford to support and you don’t have to go far to find one. Available at those ubiquitous red vending machines found in every supermarket, convenience store, arcade and malls across America, put your quarter in, crank the handle and wait and see what comes out. The surprise of the catch is just part of the fun. Once you open the capsule and see which Sqwishland® character has been dispensed, a fortune cookie style secret code will reveal yet another surprise, an unknown bounty of virtual game cash will be discovered when the code is entered on line.