Emoji Eraserz


Emoticons have come a long way since the days of :-). Thanks to emojis (the name means “picture character” in Japanese), we can express far more complex emotions and ideas. 24 pop culture icons to collect! It is sure to be a hit no matter what mood you’re in! And did we forget to tell […]

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Sweet Shoppe Erasers


Are you hungry for dessert? Well who isn’t? The kids are going to stand in line at the Sweet Shoppe to collect their favorite collectible one inch dessert erasers. Unique designs from cupcakes to donuts this is sure to satisfy every boy and girl’s sweet tooth craving. Another original, innovative collectible eraser from Brand Vending […]

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Beastie Buddies


What does a Fly Trap, Ogre, Snail, Unicorn and Samurai all have in common? They all have accepted your friend requests and are your new Beastie Buddies! These are your own personal mini super heroes. They are ferocious in design, there when you need them, and they’re protective of their owners! The Fly Trap will […]

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Miracle Rings


Miracle Rings It is no miracle that these rings are back in 25 cent perfectly round capsules! It has taken Brand’s product development team years to come up with just the right tasteful images of the Blessed mother and Jesus to be worn faithfully by kids and adults alike. You will hear the quarters coming […]

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Return of the Blobs!  The 1” blobs are back. In perfectly round  1” inch capsules.  These are sure to slime their way to into your hearts and pockets.  These cute characters are a great value for a 1” capsule.  Extremely colorful and dozens to collect. A great value 25 cent vend! Get Blobbed!  

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