Return of the Blobs!  The 1” blobs are back. In perfectly round  1” inch capsules.  These are sure to slime their way to into your hearts and pockets.  These cute characters are a great value for a 1” capsule.  Extremely colorful and dozens to collect. A great value 25 cent vend! Get Blobbed!  

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Brand Unveils Limited Edition Luminous Sqwishland Series


by Tim Sanford, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 5, May 2011, Posted On: 6/2/2011 SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Now available from Brand Vending Products is the latest addition to its popular Sqwishland line, a glow-in-the-dark limited edition mix. Sqwishland animal figurines are packed in 1″ capsules accompanied by unique codes that purchasers can redeem for “Sqwish Cash” when playing the online Sqwishland […]

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BRAND VENDING PRODUCTS: Industry Innovator Marks 20 Years In Business


by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 2, February 2011, Posted On: 2/21/2011 When Brand Vending Products first opened its doors for business in 1991, the flat segment of bulk vending bore little resemblance to what it is today. Launched by Randy and Lauri Brand, the company brought temporary tattoos to the industry. Flat vending was still seen as […]

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Democracy of play in a capsule


by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – August 6th, 2010 SCOTTSDALE, AZ — is taking the online world by storm with 29 million units sold and it’s just out of Beta – making the iPad sales look sluggish. With its very simple concept, it’s hard to know why it hasn’t been done before. Think vending […]

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