Emoji Eraserz


Emoticons have come a long way since the days of :-). Thanks to emojis (the name means “picture character” in Japanese), we can express far more complex emotions and ideas. 24 pop culture icons to collect! It is sure to be a hit no matter what mood you’re in! And did we forget to tell […]

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Sweet Shoppe Erasers


Are you hungry for dessert? Well who isn’t? The kids are going to stand in line at the Sweet Shoppe to collect their favorite collectible one inch dessert erasers. Unique designs from cupcakes to donuts this is sure to satisfy every boy and girl’s sweet tooth craving. Another original, innovative collectible eraser from Brand Vending […]

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Brand’s Creature Clings, Mushmallows Target 1″/25¢ Bulk Capsule Market


By Vending Times Staff Reporter – Issue Date: Vol. 54, No. 11, November 2014, Posted On: 11/6/2014 VENTURA, CA — New from Brand Vending Products are Creature Clings animal rings and Mushmallows figures and pencil toppers. Both are for 1″ capsules and recommended for 25¢ vends. Creature Clings rings have a tail that combines form and function by wrapping around the […]

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Democracy of play in a capsule


by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – August 6th, 2010 SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Sqwishland.com is taking the online world by storm with 29 million units sold and it’s just out of Beta – making the iPad sales look sluggish. With its very simple concept, it’s hard to know why it hasn’t been done before. Think vending […]

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Pros And Cons Of Licensed Products


by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.9, September 2009, Posted On: 9/11/2009 Licensed products entered the bulk vending industry in a big way more than a decade ago, and though right now they may be down, they’re far from out. According to experts in both the licensing and bulk vending businesses, the category will remain viable and […]

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Bulk Vending Show Sees Success Amid Weak Trade Atmosphere


by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.4, April 2009, Posted On: 4/20/2009 LAS VEGAS — A reinvigorated National Bulk Vendors Association shined at Bally’s Casino Las Vegas, where the association held its annual convention and trade show from April 16 to 18. The NBVA show exceeded expectations, and drew rave reviews from both operators and exhibitors. “Surprise! […]

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THE YEAR AHEAD IN BULK: Industry Pros Expect Some Improvement


by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.1, January 2009, Posted On: 1/25/2009 Although 2008 saw the American economy battered by high fuel prices, tight credit, flagging retail sales and high-profile business failures, bulk industry pros seem cautiously optimistic about 2009. In a casually unscientific survey of both operators and suppliers, bulk experts pointed to a number of […]

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It’s all about the kids!


by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – April 5th, 2006 Brand Mails Spring-Summer Catalog Sporting New Mantra Brand Vending Products, a leading manufacturer and supplier of flat vendibles and capsuled toys, has announced the availability of its new catalogue. Featuring 50 pages that incorporate the firm’s complete line, the recently released catalog boasts a new look […]

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NBVA’s Jacksonville Confab Marks 55th Anniversary Of Industry Show


by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 45, No. 4, April 2005, Posted On: 4/11/2005 JACKSONVILLE, FL – Sun, fun and plenty of bulk vending will highlight this year’s National Bulk Vendors Association convention and trade show here this month. NBVA officials anticipate more than 600 showgoers will make the journey to the Sunshine State in search of the latest products, equipment and information […]

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