Our perfectly round capsules are where it’s at in vending and here’s 3 reasons why:

1.) You can fit 25% more product in your typical one inch vending machine which means you can run your route more economically and efficiently with less visits to the machine. This feature = less gas and less service calls to refill.

2.) The uniquely branded shrink wrap keeps the capsules from coming apart in the machine, which means less service calls due to jamming up your vending wheels.

3.) They look much cooler than any other capsuled product out there. Colorful and modern  is the winning combination to attract kids to your vending machines.

HINT: How to open a round capsule

It’s very easy to open the round capsules by learning this simple trick.


• Do NOT remove the shrink wrap around the middle of the capsule.
• Place your index fingers and thumbs on each side of the center seam and squeeze.
• The cap should open up along the center seam and you can remove the toy!