It’s all about the kids!

by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – April 5th, 2006

Brand Mails Spring-Summer Catalog Sporting New Mantra

Brand Vending Products, a leading manufacturer and supplier of flat vendibles and capsuled toys, has announced the availability of its new catalogue. Featuring 50 pages that incorporate the firm’s complete line, the recently released catalog boasts a new look in terms of graphic layout and offers expanded product descriptions for each item.

Also new to Brand and the catalogue is the firm’s newly adopted theme, “It’s All About the Kids.” According to Brand’s Dax Logue, the new company theme was a result of volunteer work he and Brand co-owner Lauri Logue performed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, as they collected toys for the storm’s young victims.

“The response was so overwhelming and so heartfelt that Lauri and I stepped back and said, ‘What do we do every day? We make toys for millions of kids. Let’s look at what we’re doing for a profession and try to incorporate that excitement into it. We came back to realize that it really is all about the kids. Now we’re trying to see our business through the eyes of the children who buy the product and our excitement level is the highest we’ve seen it in years. We feel that by developing toys that are kid-minded, we’ve seen the acceptance of our product going up considerably and our sales are very robust right now.”

Brand also announced the the continuation of its rewards program, which began last year, in which operators earn points to redeem for merchandise. According to Logue, this year’s rewards program is “new and improved,” with more rewards available to operators and two new levels that are easier for operators to reach. Reward items on these new levels include personal electronics, such as iPods and GPS systems.

“We had several hundred reward recipients last year and we expect that number to double this year,” said Logue. “A lot of people were skeptical because it was such a new program to our industry, but now that they are receiving their rewards, they are very excited.”


Kids Silhouette Photo Credit: Josh Pesavento, Flickr