Brand Vending Products Relocates From Arizona To California

by Hank Schlesinger, Vending Times – Issue Date: Vol. 54, No. 11, November 2014, Posted On: 10/23/2014

VENTURA, CA — Brand Vending Products said it has completed the relocation of its headquarters from Scottsdale, AZ, to a facility in Ventura, CA, which is linked to the Los Angeles metro area by the Ventura Freeway. The vending supply business is now up and running at 1673 Donlon St., Ste. 204, Ventura, CA 93003.

The relocation of Brand, a leading supplier of vendible capsule merchandise, stickers and temporary tattoos, comes after nearly 23 years in Scottsdale, AZ. The new facility houses offices, a showroom and a warehouse.

“Our first container of product just arrived, and we’ve begun shipping from our new warehouse,” reported Brand sales manager Craig Goodman. “We’re looking forward to receiving more containers this month.” Brand’s newest products include Mushmallows figures/pencil toppers and Creature Clings animal rings, both for 1″ capsules recommended for a 25¢ vend.

Rising shipping costs, explained company co-owner Dax Logue, necessitated Brand’s move to the Los Angeles area. “To stay competitive, we must be closer to the port,” he said.

Shipping costs, which have increased significantly over the past several years, have become a major expense for bulk vending suppliers on both coasts. “If you look at what it costs today to ship a 40-ft. container from Long Beach to Scottsdale, it’s practically what we paid for shipping a container from China to a U.S. port just 10 years ago,” said Brand co-owner Lauri Logue.

About an hour’s drive north from Los Angeles, Brand’s new headquarters is near U.S. Route 101, making it convenient for L.A.- and surrounding-area operators to visit the company’s showroom. Brand’s toll-free number is (800) 967-3048. For product information, call or email Craig Goodman.


Ocean Photo Credit: Volao_37, Flickr