Brand Unveils 5 Contemporary Bulk Assortments

by Dax Logue, Brand Vending Products – April 2nd, 2006

Brand Vending Products has expanded its line of novel bulk merchandise with five additions.

The Shattered mix is a space-age update of a classic practical joke, a realistic static-cling simulation of broken glass accompanied by one of several projectiles feigned to have broken it: a .45-cal. slug, a baseball, a screw, and more.

Tattoo Parlor is a collection of articles of personal adornment: an 18-in.-long sleeve (which even will fit most adults), a bandanna, a colored armband tattoo, plus a body clip, a “magic tattoo” and related items.

Charmed is a 21st-century implementation of the traditional charm bracelet. The mix includes the bracelet itself, a flat plastic band in several colors, and a variety of colorful charms that clip onto it: letters, figures and shapes. The versatility of the system encourages collection of the various components, which can be assembled and reconfigured to match the mood and message of the wearer.

California Dreamin’ II also addresses the demand created by an earlier Brand product. California Dreamin’ I paid tribute to the idyllic fun-in-the-sun image of the West Coast created by the popular culture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. That line spoke to the rebirth of enthusiasm for the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and hot-rod automobiles. The new California Dreamin’ II is an extensive assortment of nostalgic necklaces and bracelets appealing to anyone aspiring to be “out there, havin’ fun/In that warm California sun.”
Founded 12 years ago, Brand Vending Products maintains warehouses at its Arizona headquarters and in Columbus, Ohio. Calling (800) 967-3048 or visiting on the Web can reach the company.