Battle Tats: Dinosaur Tattoos that come alive!

The Battle Tats, temporary tattoos have arrived! These highly detailed and colorful Dinosaur tattoos are sure to be a hit with all ages! They truly pop off the skin both visually and magically that’s because for the first time in flat-vending history. Battle Tats also comes with a FREE Bonus app! We have created an awesome video game that allows kids to vend a tattoo and instantly watch it come to life on their mobile phone.  Vending once for single player action and twice for two-player action! This will keep the kids coming back to your machine time and time again to get more Battle Tats to use in this amazing Augmented Reality (AR) video game! Everyone absolutely loves watching their tattoos pop right off their skin and come to life in an action packed game! Tat It, Scan It, Fight It! Don’t miss out and go down for the count, order your Battle Tats Dino Series today! See the video here!