Fantasy Friends


Say hello to our little friends…Fantasy Friends! These brand new soft rubber collectible characters are the newest line up to hit the vending machines. Ruby the Dragon, Root the Tree, and Talon the Eagle, are just a few of these mythical original characters that will sure to be your new best friends. These magical Fantasy […]

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SqwishLand Toys travels to Europe

Tubz Brands secures European rights for Sqwishland products – 20 million sold in USA each year Squish landUK vending franchise Tubz Brands has acquired European distribution rights for the Sqwishland brand, which currently sells over 20 million toy capsules a year in the US. This means Tubz Brands will be the first and currently only […]

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Ninja Academy


A must for the advanced Ninja – all the necessities to defeat the enemy. Let your imagination fly with your throwing star, disarm the bad guy with your whip string, practice hand eye coordination with kendama, build hand strength with the power ball. You’ll surprise, set traps, and win the day – especially when you […]

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The all new Snackins have finally arrived! With just a snap, crackle, and pop of a capsule, your customers will be whisked away to a wonderland of delicious-smelling collectibles! With Peppy Peppermint cheering her way into the hearts of your customers, and Bossy Coffee checking your TPR reports, these sweet new toys are sure to […]

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Emoji Eraserz


Emoticons have come a long way since the days of :-). Thanks to emojis (the name means “picture character” in Japanese), we can express far more complex emotions and ideas. 24 pop culture icons to collect! It is sure to be a hit no matter what mood you’re in! And did we forget to tell […]

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Sweet Shoppe Erasers


Are you hungry for dessert? Well who isn’t? The kids are going to stand in line at the Sweet Shoppe to collect their favorite collectible one inch dessert erasers. Unique designs from cupcakes to donuts this is sure to satisfy every boy and girl’s sweet tooth craving. Another original, innovative collectible eraser from Brand Vending […]

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