About Us

Who We Are

Brand has been promoting great bulk vending products since 1992. 

Brand Vending has always been a leader in innovation. Our goal has always been to offer unique products that sell through vending machines quickly. We focus on a streamlined offering of original, strong-selling, quality toys & novelties.

We are known for conceptualizing many vending industry firsts, including:

  • Temporary Tattoos in flat vending
  • 1-Inch Round Capsules that are compatible with candy gumball machines
  • Developing Intellectual Property Specifically for Vending
  • Unique Codes in capsules for an Online Game
  • Premium Full Color Capsule Wraps that upgrade the look of the vended toy and add additional information
  • Invented a new play pattern of Self Inflating Toys called “Space Sabers”
  • Introduced Tattoo’s that come alive with and App and Augmented Reality

Brand Vending has always built new toys & novelties with our commercial customers in mind. Through our close connection with our customers, we have been able to deliver toys that kids really desire from vending machines.

Traditionally, toys lines in bulk vending don’t have a staying power of more than 12 months. With our strong sales organization, led by Craig Goodman, and our process of developing toys specifically for vending, we are able to extend that time frame significantly. For example, with the Sqwishland figurine series, it has gone well beyond the 12 month period. Established 8 years ago, Sqwishland has been awarded the Best-Selling 1-Inch Capsuled Product for 7 years running. The Sqwishland toy line has now sold over 100 million figurines. This is an unheard of success in the vending industry.

Brand will continue to create new collectible toys and novelty items for the bulk vending industry. We look forward to continuing business with you, our customers.